DevOps & Cloud

Consulting, Training, Mentoring

Our core team of developers wants to help your team automate time-consuming tasks like deploying software, managing infrastructure, and finding out about problems before your customers do.

We'll work hourly for you, mentor your team so they don't need us anymore, then be there just in case with our DevOps CoPilot service.

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Common Technologies

We work with these components regularly:

Full Stack Health
Newrelic, CloudWatch
Languages & Data Stores
Ruby, Python, Node.js, Java, PHP
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, RDS
Configuration Management & Containers
Chef, Puppet, Ansible, OpsWorks, Docker, ECS
Provisioning, Scalability & Fault Tolerance
CloudFormation, Heat, AutoScaling Groups, Custom
Amazon, Rackspace, OpenStack, Google

Our Typical Process

We hop on the phone and qualify each other. Is Bitlancer the right fit for you? What are your priorities? Do you actually need us, and will we be successful in helping you?
We try to start with a small project of 40-80 hours to prove the relationship. Are our teams working well together? DevOps must come from within your organization. We seek to make life better for your internal teams, not to outsource.
If our services provide enough value, we can expand the relationship into an ongoing partnership. We provide consulting, training & mentoring as necessary.
When you're lost in a culture shift, fighting an active fire, or trying to manage infrastructure as code, we'll be here with our DevOps CoPilot service.

Our Customers Love Us

We're in Boston, but our customers are everywhere.

"We have had a great experience working with Bitlancer. They have been instrumental in the architecture, design, and implementation of our AWS deployment."
Robb Foster, Director of Cloud Operations, Wrap Media, Inc.

Do you want to sleep better at night?

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